SF – Cable Car, Don..Don..Don…

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In 1873, Andrew Hallidie rode the San Francisco cable cars down Clay Street. The San Francisco Cable Car system is the last working system of its kind in the world. The cable cars move by gripping an underground cable that is in constant motion, powered by an engine located in a central powerhouse. The “grip man” on board the cable car is responsible for operating the grip and ringing the bell. The cable cars must be turned around because they only have one grip end with which to grab the cable. There are only three cable car lines – Powell-Hyde, Powell-Mason, California Street – that operate roughly every ten minutes in San Francisco. * Fees:

  1. Tickets can be purchased at turnarounds or from the conductor as you board.
    • Adult & Youth (ages 5-17): $3.00 each way.
    • Senior (ages 65+) & Disabled: $3.00 each way ($1.00 9pm-7am).
  2. Passportsare perfect for visitors to the city, and allow riding on streetcars, buses, and cable cars.
    • One Day: $9.00.
    • Three Days: $15.00.
    • Seven Days: $20.00.
  3. FastPassesallow monthly unlimited riding for cable cars, streetcars, buses, and BART (within SF).
    • Adult (ages 18-64): $45.00.
    • Youth (ages 5-17): $10.00.
    • Senior (ages 65+) and Disabled: $10.00

* Schedules: The cable cars run seven days a week from about 6:00 a.m. to about 1:00 a.m Official Website  There are two fleets of cable cars in San Francisco. Do you know what are the differences between them?You can board cable cars at the turnarounds or anywhere you see a brown-and-white Cable Car Stop sign. They do not stop where the signs say not to board.If you are boarding from a stop, wait on the sidewalk and wave to alert the gripman to stop. Wait for the car to come to a complete stop and board from either side.To get off, just yell “next stop, please” about a block before you want to get off. There are turntables at the three terminals served by the Powell-Hyde and Powell-Mason lines, and these two lines are served by a common fleet of single-ended cable cars.   If you are boarding from the a cable car stop and not at the end of a line, please use the following etiquette: Please wait on the sidewalk and wave to alert the gripman to stop. Do not board the car while it is moving, wait for it to come to a complete stop. You can enter on either side of the car. You can board a cable car if there is sufficient space. Don’t forget that you can “hang on” to the special poles provided on the outside of the car. If you choose to ride this way, pay close attention to the gripman as he will alert you to any potential hazards along the route.