Which English program is best for me?
How do I know if an Intensive English Program is a good one?
Is Rosemead College an accredited school? Why is that important?
As a student, how do I benefit from attending an accredited school?


How do I apply?
When can I start classes at your school?


I want to travel outside the U.S. What should I do?
My Passport is not valid for six months, can I travel?


Do I need some knowledge of English to enroll in your English course?
What happens if I want to change or cancel my course?
How long does it take to go to an upper level?
Does the size of the class matter?
What types of outdoor activities are available at Rosemead College and the surrounding areas?
Can I transfer to a community college or university when I complete my program at Rosemead College?


What are the opening hours of Rosemead College Administration?
Where are you located?
Do you provide airport pickups?
How can I contact Rosemead College(RC)?


Do I need to have health insurance?
Can I purchase health insurance at Rosemead College?