Rosemead College organizes exciting special activities every month to give students the best educational experience in the USA. Students can practice English every minute while participating in the exciting and fun extra-curricular activities.This would make an exceptional experience for cultural exchange and active learning. Our special programs such as Summer School  are designed specifically to integrate learning experience with cultural activities.



TOEFL® Class Student - James
I would describe Rosemead College of English to my friends as a very nice college where you can find people from many countries. All of my classmates from various countries are very nice. They always give me cookies during breaks and they tell me things about their countries. I find that very interesting. The teaching methodology is different from what I am used to, but it is easy to follow. What I like about my teacher is that she always makes us laugh because of the way she tells us stories. I can say that since being in Rosemead College, I can speak faster and explain myself better than I used to do in my hometown



TOEFL® Class Student - Grecia
I found Rosemead College of English on the internet. The best thing I like about my teachers at this school is that they are very kind, and they use many different activities that help us learn English very easily and fast.I made a lot of good friends here that come from different cultures. The classes are really good and I get to learn new things and practice my English all the time.My English is getting so much better now since I have the chance to practice it with my classmates both in class and outside of class. I have to say that I am living one of the best experiences of my life. I really like the fact that Rosemead College of English focuses on its students all the time.



ESL Class Student - Moussa
Before studying at Rosemead College of English, I used to wonder how long it would take to learn to speak English. Today, I speak English fluently; I can express myself with few mistakes and the teachers are excellent and very helpful. As students, we also meet people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. RCE is the best place to learn English.




ESL Class Student - Silvia
I came to Los Angeles a couple months ago to spend the holidays with my family. I decided to stay a little longer to learn English to help in the studies of my Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, then my son found Rosemead College of English. I went to the College to seek further information and I received professional service from the staff. I started my intensive course immediately. It has been a very productive time. The teachers are well trained and have much experience in teaching. The classes are dynamic with a very attractive approach. I learn new words and correct pronunciations. My classmates came from different countries, is very pleasant to interact with them. Truly, I made a good choice coming to study here. I recommend the Rosemead College of English for anyone who wants to learn English quickly.



ESL Class Student - Melina
I came to Rosemead College of English to improve my English skills, but I also found a very friendly environment where I feel like I am always learning something. My pronunciation was a real problem, I have been studying here for two months now, and I already feel more secure then I am speaking English. The classes are very active and our teacher works very hard to help us to get better every day. I am very grateful with the school for giving me the opportunity to learn English tin the US.




ESL Class Student - Abhit
I found Rosemead College of English (RCE) on the Google search which was listed prominently in search for ESL schools. I found that the teachers at RCE are very enthusiastic and extremely professional. They try to make learning fun for all the students. My classmates are very diverse and cosmopolitan. I am able to learn about various world cultures from my new-found friends! The class I am currently attending is very engaging and has helped me improve my English to its current level. My spoken English has become more Americanized and my written English has become more grammatically correct. I would describe Rosemead College of English to my friends in three words... "Go for it!"